In one sense, every Christian is a minister, and there are many leading and supporting ministries going on in our congregation. (1 Peter 4:10,11) The general public ministries are led and engaged in by our male members, and the general public ministries are supported and engaged in by our female members. (1 Timothy 2:7-15) Both groups are also active in private outreach, (Acts 18:24-26) and we also have many collective activities where men lead and serve men, and women lead and serve women. (Titus 2:3-5)

However, serving under and with our elders, we presently have two full-time ministers supported in the congregation for extensive work dealing directly with both member ministries and local evangelism. (1 Corinthians 9:9-14


Jim T. Middleton

Born and raised right here in Houston, Texas, and has remained a stalwart Houstonian for almost all of his life right up to the present. Graduating from Sam Houston High School, he began his preaching ministry in 1961, eventually attending both HCCS and the University of Houston, where he graduated with a B.S. degree in Journalism, specializing in professional writing. During the course of his ministry, he was not only afforded the opportunity to direct the local-based HOPES school of preaching during the late 70’s, but also took a preaching hiatus for awhile that engaged him in an abbreviated career as an insurance adjuster. Unlike many full-time preachers, Jim has been blessed to remain situated in Houston for a very extensive time, being initially hired to serve our Northwest congregation in 1971, and continuing on here until the present with only a 5-year break from us while he preached at the local Lindale congregation from 1976-1981. Only one year into his beginning gospel preaching ventures, Jim married the love of his life, Tomi Lou, in 1962. Together, they now have 4 children and 10 grandchildren. Although Jim continues to handle so many numerous tasks and areas of service that naturally go along with working as preaching minister, his favorite source of enjoyment remains studying the Bible and writing/teaching, having produced written studies on every New Testament book, and also numerous topical studies, several of which have been published by Haun Publishing.  He particularly relishes every opportunity to further satiate his intense interest in dealing with the topics of the Kingdom and the book of Revelation. Tomi Lou continues to exhibit her unique interest toward activities that revolve around compassionate care for the entire congregation.

We are currently seeking an EVANGELIST/OUTREACH MINISTER. Full details available online and by calling the church office.

Please contact Tommy Ashton -


We are currently seeking a FULL-TIME BILINGUAL (ENGLISH/SPANISH) YOUTH MINISTER to work with our young people (Jr and Sr High) and their families. Must be able to teach and interact in BOTH English and Spanish.

Interested applicants can submit their resumes to Tommy Ashton -


We try our very best to help those around us who find themselves in a position of physical need, according to our present abilities to serve. While we stress personal responsibility and gainful work among all of our members, we realize that circumstances sometimes call for some assistance through rough times. As expected, we always dutifully focus upon the members of our own congregation first, especially those whom the Bible describes as “widows indeed.” At the same time, we try to also be mindful toward lending a helping hand to all who are in true need.

We maintain a congregational pantry and we encourage members to regularly contribute storable goods for distribution, in thoughtful response to our God’s great blessings to us. As we can, every member is constantly afforded other chances to individually support outside widows and orphans homes operated by loving Christians in more remote locations.