"The churches of Christ greet you."

Romans 16:16


The Northwest Church Of Christ is a congregation of Christians in Houston, Texas, who are dedicated to serving God through Jesus Christ. Our only creed is the word of God as found in the holy scriptures of the Bible. We follow the New Testament pattern of doctrine, work, worship, and Christian living. We are involved in both a local outreach to the Houston community and various remote efforts through supported evangelists throughout the world. We strive to love God totally, and love others as Jesus has loved us.

Visitors are always welcome in any of our congregational assemblies! You are invited to come worship with us any time, and join us in learning more about Jesus and the Christian Way.

How To Enter Christ And Be Saved, And Then Start Walking With God As A Forgiven Christian

God’s Plan of Salvation

Salvation isn't automatic, but we can't earn it either. Has God explained how to respond to the gospel of Christ and personally receive His free gift of salvation? How did the first Christians initially get saved?